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NOTE: you have my full permission to share this journal on your account, i have no problems with it. You may do a video on it to let more people know about it on youtube or DeviantArt
no need to ask me, go for it 
he is back on DA as of right now 
his new username is :iconminaj-a-twah: <----- the account is suspended, he will be back on this account in 3 days  
alright if he does keep making a new account, the only part that will change on this journal will be the username, i won't be making a list of accounts anymore
there is also a new feature now on DA, if you block a user they can not see what you are doing on your account or if you are posting stuff, what is nice  
please block them as soon as you can, so you don't get annoyed by this user 
please do not file DMCAS file take down on nightflight's account, he can see all the information from it

he has posted someone's information online wi
:iconashdragon93:AshDragon93 481 2,317
_orangejuice by schl4fmuetze _orangejuice :iconschl4fmuetze:schl4fmuetze 125 0 Snow Fall by Kelskora Snow Fall :iconkelskora:Kelskora 216 10
12 Reasons You Are Nothing Like Your Hero Hercules
You were so torrentially toxic to me
I had to slice my own veins to get you out.
There was more chaos in the way you loved me
than there was in the winding weather storm
that broke every window in the house we called home,
you turned that home into a house.
You claimed momentary insanity,
like your hero Hercules,
the day you used your fists for the first time,
the same insanity that plagued Hercules
when he slew everyone he loved.
I wonder if there was a storm
where he lived that day too.
Harbinger made of hemlock and heartache,
hurricane made of hurt and heartbreak,
you were Hera’s lesson of harm and habit,
you were impossible to break,
but I too, like you,
have hidden the strength of Hercules
somewhere inside this harbour body
that used to welcome hurricanes.
I too, have always known siren songs
that have bewitched men
with more ancient madness
than you could ever imagine.
I too have spoken words that dripped with cruelty
like a soldiers sword in a battlefield,
I do
:iconuntamedunwanted:UntamedUnwanted 58 22
~ Starlight Wings ~ by SaphireDragon16 ~ Starlight Wings ~ :iconsaphiredragon16:SaphireDragon16 112 28 squish by Rainy-bleu squish :iconrainy-bleu:Rainy-bleu 1,411 210


MaskedDragonNamedLin's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist
Hello, I'm an artist who loves fantasy, especially dragons. I'm fine being called Masked or Lin, whichever takes your fancy. IRL I do have a gender of preference, but online I don't care what people think- if it's respectful and I can recognize it as a pronoun, I'm fine with it!

Lately I've been pretty active with art, probably since I've been doing a lot of traditional portraits which are quick to finish, so I post pretty regularly. With that in mind, I think I'm going to try taking on some lengthier projects while I have a large art queue, that way I won't have bouts of inactivity~ I like to dabble into a lot of different kinds of art, most of my deviations here will involve either projects from my college classes or characters/places/ect. from my comic, Nest of Hearts, which is still in it's very beginning stages, so there won't be pages of it up for a while.

I usually take sculpture classes in the spring, so a lot of 3D art pops up around that time, though currently I won't be posting much besides 2D art.
**Will yak your ear off about ceramics and stoneware clay if you let me.

I highly doubt that I have to worry about it anytime soon, I do want to say this because I do have watchers now- DON"T give me Core membership. I actively do not want it! If I did, I would open commissions exactly for that. If someone does give it to me, I will cancel it, regardless of who gives it to me. It won't be personal! I just won't support Core, so be warned.

For anyone interested, I'm open for trades, but I may not feel up to it, so feel free to ask, but I may say no. I have a few request slots open at the moment, but they're only for watchers, and those who are interested will have to search through my journals for them (hint, not all of my journals are featured). Otherwise, requests are for friends only. For more about my art status, look here, I keep it relatively up to date maskeddragonnamedlin.deviantar…
Feel free to message me, I may not get back to you immediately, but I'm friendly and like to meet people - however please don't if all you want is free art, as I said, I'm not open for requests from just anyone.
    A couple days ago I got my 100th watcher, and I'm ecstatic about that, thank you all for enjoying what I do and for sticking around! I had a couple of ideas about what I'd do when I got here, and I was considering requests, but I didn't want to open more slots for that when my previous ones haven't been claimed- to my new watchers, somewhere in one of my journals I have simple requests open, but you have to dig through my journals to find them and follow the rules (it's simple stuff to make sure people read it), so if you're interested, that's a thing! (hint, click All before you start)
    But back to the point, to celebrate I decided to open asks for the characters of my main story! It makes sense to me since pretty much all I draw is my characters anyways, lol. I'll drop a link to the folder in my gallery here for the people who don't want to go there the long way, heh -> maskeddragonnamedlin.deviantar… It won't be traditional asks where you address the character directly, but where you can ask to see things they do in their lives or their opinions on things, and in turn I'll draw up simple pictures or short comics to answer! (Examples would be like, does Sapfire get hangry (very much yes btw), what does Bogū do most days, what's Almond's favorite color, ect) Of course, anything that is a spoiler or makes me uncomfortable would be left unanswered. This is an opportunity for you all and maybe even myself to learn more of my characters, so if you are curious about anything, please ask, I'm excited to do some of these!
    And for those who read to this point, I'm also doing a raffle. For future reference, I tend to hide when I'm doing stuff like this in journals because of people who skip reading journal unless there's free art involved lol. Winner gets a simple background piece of an existing character, their choice of a flat color full-body or a fully lit bust! Comment and I'll give you a number, ask a great question and I'll give you two (great is up to my interpretation obviously)~ Thank you so much for those who read to the end of this!!!


Asks- Contest
    In response to Shadow-Dragon-777 who asked what Fate would look like in a beauty contest :) A thing about Fate is that she is super shy- most of the pieces I've drawn of her show her at home, which is where she is her most comfortable, but in a public setting (like lessons, especially ones crowded with dragons watching a fashion show off) she clams up and becomes an anxious wreck. As pretty as she is, she would shut down being the center of attention of more than a few dragons outside of her family, never mind a contest! so, in summary, in such a thing, Fate would be in the back trying to avoid attention~ Hope you all enjoy seeing a touch of dragon fashion!
    If you want to find out more about Fate or the rest of my characters, my ask event is open until the 4th of November. If you drop by and ask a question, even a small one, it'd make me pretty happy! Here's a quick link to the event -> maskeddragonnamedlin.deviantar…

Art, character, and content all belong to me, don't steal or replace, thanks!
When you finally find time to do art for the first time in almost whole week, and then before you can finally finish anything, the nib to your digital pen breaks and you can't find any of the spares
Ender (Request)
    Request for a newer watcher of mine, EnderDragon24 ~ He was willing to dig through my journals to find the rules to get it, and in record time! This is his sona, who is trying to have a tasty snack, but it isn't going down without a fight!

    I've hit a little patch in my motivation to art recently because I'm busy with some irl stuff like classes and personal business, so I might be a bit before I get to the next ask, but I'll try to work through it. Hopefully I get some more time soon to do relax and do art soon. On a side note, I've finally written a first draft for  terms of service! I'll need to go over it and fix stuff obviously, as well as look around to see what some other people do with their terms of services as well, but this means in a little while I may be opening for commissions :) ...when I eventually have time XD

Character belongs to EnderDragon24
Art belongs to me.
Do not steal or repost, thanks!
Asks- Fauna
    In response to ashenrisen 's question, what is Fate's favorite animal- it would be cats! A little known fact is that my characters have two pet cats wandering around their area... I would have shown them earlier, but I am really really bad at cats, don't let this picture fool you, this is the best cat I've drawn ever :') It was a struggle to get the cat to a level where I'd be fine putting it up on the internet, but having a live model that likes to cuddle with you can work miracles! Though as a fun fact, this isn't the first cat I've drawn that I'm willing to put up online, but the other one is a part of a still unfinished project~
    Fate loves animals a ton, she loves to lay in the sand underwater and watch fish, climb trees to see birds, all sorts of stuff to see and be near them, but cats are her favorite because they are a domesticated animal- meaning pets and cuddles! She loves petting the cats and giving them treats, and this tom here often sleeps with her to her absolute delight. Cats are the most common pet in the refuge among the dragons, because they are independent to take care of themselves while their owners go about their lives, but are still loving and affectionate (even if they can be complete butts sometimes!) Dogs actually aren't all to common because they are not independent and usually don't work well with a dragon's lifestyle.

    This is thus far the last of the asks, so I guess I won't have much more of these to do from now on. It would be great to do more, but I can't make people ask things or be interested, lol. I'll keep the Ask Event open for one more month before I officially close it up (that means the 4th of November), so if you want to know anything about my characters, please ask soon. Here's a link to the Asks ->  maskeddragonnamedlin.deviantar… Thank you a ton to everyone who left questions for me, I had a lot of fun responding to them! :heart:

Fate, her cat, and art belong to me, don't steal or repost, thanks!
Imperfect Fit
    I had this piece in mind for a while, I wanted to play with silk texture and when I think of silk, I think of Asia, thus a kimono happened. At her age, Fate is still small enough to fit into most loose human clothing, such as robes, though they don't make a great fit for obvious reasons- why she would try the clothes on though is a different matter, there isn't much in the way of humans where she lives! I tried to make it close to how an actual kimono is (I believe that it's a tsukesage?), but I didn't reference from the start and it shows in a couple spots, heh. The screen was a ton of fun with the little flower details, working in an indoors environment is a nice change.
    Hopefully in the future I'll be showing off more of the dragon attire and fashion that I've been working on for them.
I think Fate is contending to be one of my most drawn kids now, dear halibut fins how things have changed XD
Art and character belong to me, don't steal or repost, thanks!


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